Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Five Vegetables That Burn Belly Fat and Help Fast Weight Loss!

An article by Dr. Ela Maris – Nutrition Biochemist in Nigeria: 5 Vegetables commonly found in Nigerian that Help Fast Weight Loss!

Are there some vegetables that help you burn stubborn belly fat and help lose weight FAST? Emphatically YES! Are these vegetables commonly found in Nigeria? Emphatically YES!

Who doesn’t wish to look smart by losing those extra kg. All it requires is to gradually change our daily food habits. Not at all difficult, isn’t it? As we all know that fiber helps weight loss and there are several vegetables which are high in fiber which you should now begin to eat every single day!

Our body needs nutrients and it normally gives us signal when hungry of those nutrients. Most of the time we fail to deliver what actually our body needs and fill it with some kind of snack or fat-storing foods. I am sure when it comes to vegetables we might have a list of them which we don’t like. Why don’t we just list whichever vegetable we know and choose to store and eat the ones we like!

No matter what, there has to be few of those vegetables which we like. We don’t need to eat all manner of vegetable (although that is superb for permanent fat loss), but you can develop a new liking for some of the vegetables which actually help fat loss. All you need to do is to include just one or two – even just one in your daily menu and it will help weight loss.

Here are 5 vegetables commonly found in Nigeria that burn belly fat and help help fast weight loss.

Spinach or Green
It is a great source of vitamin C, B6, E, magnesium and potassium. A vegetable which will keep your body healthy and energetic. Add it to your soup, curry on its own, salad or stuffed bread. It’s tasty and healthy. It helps lose weight by increasing your metabolic rate and gives a feeling of fullness.      
 Its tasty, high in dietary fibre & vitamin C. For higher and better result on weight loss eat cabbage with most of your meals – bread, stew, spaghetti, beans etc. Of course add cabbage to your salad.

I’m yet to come across someone who doesn’t like carrots. This vegetable doesn’t even need to be cooked before you enjoy its goodness. It is rich in antioxidant and excellent source of vitamin A and other minerals. It greatly helps weight loss by increasing your body metabolic rate.. Carrots help improve eyesight too. Can be eaten in salad, added and cooked with rice.                     

Cucumber is the best of all fat-burning vegetables. Add enough cucumber which is a pack of most vitamins, calcium, iron etc. It also keeps your skin fresh while you are on diet. There are so many ways to eat cucumber. You can eat it raw, in various salad recipes, you can juice it, puree it etc.

Garden egg
Garden egg vegetable are those all white or green hard vegetable that looks like tomatoes. It’s delicious, makes a great fat-burning snack, great night-time snack and its fat-burning too.  You can bake it, grill it or add it to your stews, soups or curry it. It is loaded with vitamin A and high in fibre which certainly helps weight loss.

With these five veggies added to your daily menu, you are guaranteed results on your fat loss journey. For other advanced tips for FAST Weight Loss, click here.

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